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Hand Crafted Hoops (Hula-Hoops) & Hooptastic Hoop-Fit

Hooptastic ~ Be One With Your HoopTM

Mission: To share Hooptastic  with the world. To integrate instruction based on sound education of
Movement Principles & Pilates; thereby, making the world a Healthier, Happier place filled with Laughter
& Smiles by incorporating Color, Music and Movement into the daily lives of all people on the planet.

Hooptastic Hoop-Fit Classes and Hooptastic Hoop-Fit Teacher Training.

Hoop Classes offered Downtown Menasha - Call for details
Body Integration - Happy & Healthy By Design TM

Yoga and Pilates Mat Classes.  Call for Class times.
1 hour classes - $10 each class or package 10 for $100

Mission: To utilize our knowledge and extensive training to provide our clients with the very
best experience available. Whether your goal is to increase happiness and abundance in your
life, or if it is toning your body & weight loss, or improved strength & increased mental
flexibility; we are here to assist you in achieving your goals.

Body Integration: Feng Shui Consultations, Personal Training, Pilates, Yoga, Massage & Reiki

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Contact Information
FVSM, Hooptastic & Body Integration
phone: 920-915-0744
location: Marina View Building
130 Main Street * Suite 205
Menasha, WI
All mail for security to: Fox Valley School of Massage
Neenah, WI 54957-0615
                      Welcome to Fox Valley School of Massage
Class Starts Tuesday, February 3, 2015 and Graduates December 22, 2015.

Fall Classes begin Thursday, September 17, 2015 and Graduates May 19, 2016.

FVSM Catalog and Application: Click this purple link to download  
FVSM Catalog, Application and Forms
Weekend Class Schedule: Click this link to download the weekend dates and newsletter
New Student Newsletter for February Class of 2015 and Fall Classes 2015-2016

Want to learn more about massage before you enroll?
Call and schedule a tour.  Registration is required.
Tours are available on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons at 4:30pm
If this time does not work for you, we will set up a time that does.

2 Careers in Less than 1 Year - Become a Massage Therapist and a Personal Trainer
         Personal Training Certification qualifies as Continuing Ed for WI LMT's
NCSF Certified Personal Trainer.
Monday nights 5:30pm - 9:30pm - More information on our Workshop Page
February 9 - April 6th,  2015 = 32 CEU's
Graduates will be ready to take the NCSF-CPT exam upon completion.  
A NCCA accredited personal trainer certification.  Check out NCSF at www.NCSF.org

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The Art & Science of Massage
Training Professional
Massage Therapists since

Marina View Building
130 Main Street
Suite 205
Menasha, W
Movement, Nutrition &
Pilates, Personal Training,
Yoga, Meditation, Feng Shui