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Mission: To share Hooptastic Hoop-Fit
TM with the world.
To integrate proper body mechanics into hooping and all activities through
instruction based on sound education of Movement Principles & Pilates;
thereby, making the world a Healthier, Happier place filled with Laughter &
Smiles by incorporating Color, Music & Movement into the daily lives of all
people on the planet.
Body Integration - Happy & Healthy By Design TM

Mission: To utilize our knowledge and extensive training to provide our
clients with the very best experience available. Whether your goal is to
increase happiness and abundance in your life, or if it is toning your body &
weight loss, or improved strength & increased mental flexibility; we are here
to assist you in achieving your goals.

Body Integration: Feng Shui Consultations, Personal Training, Pilates, Yoga,
Massage & Reiki

Fox Valley School of Massage - The Art & Science of Massage

New Program for Health Care Professionals. Classes begin in October

Stay tuned for information about Continuing Education classes with FVSM.  
Classes will be posted as the State of WI decides and finalizes this

* If you are a FVSM alumni and need transcripts follow the information below.

* If you need form #2962 for the state of WI signed follow the directions:
1. Print off the form, complete it with all of the information and hours from
your transcripts. Complete the entire form including your graduation date.
2. Mail the form to FVSM with an additional envelope stamped and
addressed to the state - the address is on form #2962.
3. Once it is received, it will be completed & mailed.
4. If you do not have current transcripts to complete your hours, you will
need to request transcripts from below.  

To request transcripts click the link below.  Complete the form with payment
and mail to FVSM.
P.O. Box 615               
Neenah, WI 54957-0615
Transcript Request Form for FVSM Alumni

Please note: Processing will take 10 days - 2 weeks from the date received.
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Equipment for Sale - All sales done through email only :-)  Thanks.

6 Tables for Sale
Manufacturer               Style             Color  Breast Rec.  Width  Foam Thickness  Bolster  Color        Price
Custom Craftworks   Athena Ultra Leather Memory Foam  Dark Green   No  30”  3”  Dark Green   $700
Custom Craftworks   Athena        Burgundy     Yes        30”        3”                                    Burgundy      $450
Custom Craftworks   Athena        Dark Green   No        33”        3”                                     Green              $400
Custom Craftworks   Athena        Burgundy      No        30”        3”                                     Burgundy     $300
Custom Craftworks   Athena        Agate              No        30”        3”                                     Cream            $300
Golden Ratio    Round Corners  Dark Green  No    30”        3”                                            White              $300

Body Support Systems for sale:
* Blue 4 piece with 2 black wedges $250.00

* Body Support System that is Black.
3 Piece (no bolster) does include 2 black wedges. $350

Large Body Support System Dark Green 2 cushions.  Breast recess and lower part.
No face cradle, no bolster.   
$150 (no longer available and great to have)

Massage Chairs:
1. Dolphin  (model number 2)  Blue Color        $400.00
2. Custom Craftworks Purple Massage Chair $250.00  (knee platform float)

Table Toppers – Golden Ratio $175 each
1. Purple                2.  Black                        3. Green

Pregnancy Cushion Set $100.00
Custom Craftworks – Blue                4 piece set.  
New Professional Massage Therapy Training for Health Care Professionals.
Get your Wisconsin Massage Therapy License in 6 months.
Click the link for more information:
Professional Massage Therapy Training
If you are a Health Care Professional that would like to increase your patient/client
service to include massage therapy, this program is for you.
Classes begin in October.